If you would prefer to make a donation of tangible goods, please see from the wish list item below.  Please contact us to schedule a drop-off directly to the farm.


  • Alfalfa Cubes (bags)
  • Beet Pulp (bags)
  • Shavings (bags)
  • Tribute Senior Feed
  • Tribute KalmnEz Feed
  • Triple Crown Senior Feed

Wormer / Health Care

  • Ivermectin Wormer
  • Zimectrin Gold Wormer
  • Quest Plus Wormer
  • Strongic C Daily Wormer
  • Panacur Power Paks


  • MSM Supplements
  • Accel Supplements
  • B-L Pellets 
  • Easy Willow Supplements


  • Halters / Lead Ropes
  • Wheel Barrows
  • Manure Rakes
  • Fly Spray
  • Fly Masks
  • Arbico Fly Predators